Grandma’s English Trifle

This version takes advantage of ready-made, fat-free angel food cake, which has a light, airy texture that soaks up plenty of juice from the fruit. Ingredients strawberries 6 cup(s), fresh, halved fresh raspberries 1 cup(s), fresh grapes 1 cup(s), seedless, halved sugar ¼ cup(s) prepared angel food cake 10 oz, fat-free, cut into 1⁄2-inch-thick slices apricot preserves 1 cup(s) fat free […]

Creamy mushroom pasta

Tender pasta smothered in rich mushroom gravy, spruced up with Parmesan and pine nuts. Ingredients Water 250 ml, boiling Mushrooms 15 g, dried, Porcini White pasta, dry 8 oz, bow tie or other shapes Olive Oil 2 teaspoons Garlic 2 clove(s), (medium size) crushed Mushrooms 300 g Cornflour 1 tablespoons, level Salt 1 pinch, to taste Black pepper ½ teaspoons Spinach 180 g, (baby) pack […]