These 2 ingredient bagels are simply made with self rising flour and non-fat Greek yogurt! Finish them with your choice of toppings.  Servings 8 bagels INGREDIENTS BAGEL DOUGH: 2 cups self rising flour 2 cups nonfat plain Greek yogurt (see Recipe Notes for tips) TOPPINGS: 1 large egg pinch of fine sea salt 1 teaspoon water everything bagel seasoning mix, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, etc (all optional) […]

Beef Zucchini Enchiladas

INGREDIENTS 2 tbsp.  extra-virgin olive oil  1 large onion, chopped  Kosher salt  Freshly ground black pepper  2  cloves garlic, minced  1 lb.  organic grass fed ground beef 2 tsp.  chili powder  1 tsp.  cumin 1 1/2 c.  red enchilada sauce, divided  4  large zucchini, halved lengthwise  1 c.  shredded Monterey jack  1 c.  shredded cheddar  Sour […]

Free Syn Steak and Potato Pasties

Steak and potato pasties – one tin of M&S chunky steak in gravy (free and absolutely gorgeous), mixed together with boiled/mashed potatoes (free) put into WW wraps (HEB). Need to egg wash the edges of the wrap to make sure they stick together and press edges with a fork, egg wash the top then stick […]

Skinny One Point Weight Watcher Pancakes

These skinny pancakes are perfectly fluffy and delicious and you would never know that they are just one Weight Watcher Smart Point each! These pancakes have no added sugar or fat and are made with greek yogurt so they have 3 grams of protein in each pancake. I haven’t had a chance to officially share on the […]