Slimming world mandarin cheesecake

Ingredients 12 reduced fat digestives (tesco 40p) – 42 syns ouch! 1 and a half tubs of quark (tesco 90p each) free 1.5 sachets orange jelly – 3 syns 1 tbsp low marg/butter spread – check syns roughly 2 1 400 g tin mandarins in juice – 4 syns 1 tsp gelatine – free Instructions 1. crush digestives as finely as […]

The 1 syn jam doughnut

These warm jam doughnuts really are close enough the the real thing that they are a real treat!  This has to be one of the best ways to use your Healthy Extra B bread- the only syns in this are in the jam, and you really don’t need a lot! This is the perfect way […]

Low-syn Rocky Roads

Rocky Roads are a classic, and such a rich food is typically made with the high quantities of rich ingredients such as butter and sugar. Rocky Road bars from the local cafe can set you back up to 20 syns! However with a few smart swaps, this slimming world version of Rocky Roads will set […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes with quark icing (Only 1.5 syns each)

Red velvet is sooo in right now, so why on earth would we want to be left out of the scene? I adapted a typical slimming world cupcake recipe to make these delights. Enjoy a couple with friends, as a treat to yourself, or even bring these to a group tasting to delight the masses!  Makes […]