finally got around to making cheese scones. sw stylie! They were amazing, they had a real cheese and onion pasty quality to them. The family loved them too.


300g chive and onion cottage cheese

Salt and pepper to season.

2 eggs.

100g instant mash (dried powder form)



Whizz the cottage cheese with a hand blender, season and whizz in the 2 eggs.

Stir in the instant mash powder to make a dough like consistency.

Separate into balls and flatten.

Put in an oven tray and frylight for 20 mins.


Free on a green day. I’d encourage all green day fans to try these, it’s a little gem of a recipe. It could easily be converted into a green day cheese and onion pie in an individual pot to serve with vege sausages and beans. Winter food!

These could be jazzed up with garlic, chilli or fresh herbs. It works well with plain cottage cheese and dried chives too.

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