Weight Watchers Recipes Breakfast Crustless Frittata


1 cup peppers and onions vegetable mix 0 Points
1 cup cooked mushroom pieces 0 Points
1 cup cooked spinach 0 Points
1 cup broccoli slaw 0 Points
8 eggs 0 Points
1/4 second spray Pam Cooking Spray, No-Stick, Olive Oil 0 Points
1 tsp black pepper 0 Points


1. Spray a pan with Pam cooking spray no-stick olive oil
2. Sautee Onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach and broccoli slaw till browned.
3. Transfer mixture to a pie pan
4. Add 8 beaten eggs on top and bake for twenty minutes at 350
5. Add pepper to taste
Serves four – o points per serving

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