Ingredients :

1/4 cup sundried tomatoes

I Hbsp minced garlic

I tbsp Italian seasoning 2 (Cubed) chicken breast

60z protein penne

1 cup spinach

4 senings

3/4 cup cottage chs

1/4 cup mannara sauce

1 cup grated parm

1 cup of the pasta water


Start boiling water for pasta

Blend cottagechs + mannara – set aside

Grill chicken in skillet, acd minced garlic, itellan seasoning ,

and sundned tomatoes – mix togetheR

Get pasta cooking in boiling water – save Icop water once pasta is drained, add into skillet w/ chicken + top with parmesan cheese, and pasta water – stir everything till cheese is melted

Turn off the stove + add in the spinach once spinach wilts+ cools for 5 minutes, add in sauce + stir

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