Salted low-carb peanut butter cups are seriously the best peanut butter cups out there. Use any dark sugar free chocolate and your favourite nut butters to make these your favourite low-carb sweet treat.


Chocolate Layer

100 g chocolate see notes *

30 g butter

2 tsp granulated sweetener of choice or more to taste

Peanut Butter Layer

35 g peanut butter or nut butter of choice

15 g butter melted

1 tbsp granulated sweetener of choice or more to taste

1 tsp vanilla





Melt the chocolate, sweetener and butter together. Mix.

Pour half the mixture into lined mini muffin/cupcake cases. Place in the fridge to set.

Mix the melted butter and peanut butter. Add the powdered sweetener and vanilla (you don’t want this layer to be too hot when pouring as it will melt the chocolate below and the chocolate that is about to be poured from above).

Place a spoon of the peanut butter mixture onto the chocolate lined cupcake cases. Top each peanut butter cup with the remaining chocolate layer.

Place in the fridge to set then garnish with peanuts and salt.


Chocolate – you may either use 90% chocolate or sugar free chocolate. The calculations in this recipe for the nutritional panel were made using Lindt 90%.

Please check labels for sugar free chocolate. Many contain maltitol which can raise blood sugars as much as sugar.

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