INGREDIENTS: 1 yellow onion, chopped kosher salt 1 lb. lean ground turkey sausage 4 cloves garlic, minced 28 oz. can crushed tomatoes or 28 oz jar of marinara sauce 1 tbsp. dried oregano 5 c. low-sodium chicken broth 8 oz. lasagna noodles, broke into 2″ pieces 2 c. low fat shredded mozzarella Toppings (optional): Grated […]

Ginger Snap People 3 pts

Ingredients all-purpose flour 2 cup(s) whole wheat flour 1 cup(s) baking powder 2 tsp baking soda ½ tsp ground ginger 1 Tbsp, or less to taste ground cinnamon 1½ tsp table salt ¼ tsp ground allspice ¼ tsp regular butter ¼ pound(s), softened (1 stick) packed brown sugar 1 cup(s), dark-variety egg(s) 1 large, beaten blackstrap molasses ½ cup(s) vanilla extract 1 tsp cooking spray 4 spray(s) all-purpose flour […]

Thyme and Scallion Potato Pancakes

These savory potato pancakes cook up nice and crisp on parchment paper in a high heat oven. Use frozen shredded potatoes to speed preparation Ingredients uncooked potato(es) 1½ pound(s), peeled, grated and well-drained* uncooked onion(s) 1 small, grated uncooked scallion(s) 4 medium, chopped all-purpose flour 6 Tbsp fresh thyme 1 tsp, minced egg(s) 1 large kosher salt 1 tsp, plus additional for […]