Shrimp Pasta with Homemade Cream Sauce

This succulent pasta is rich without being heavy, creamy without being fattening and filling without being “too much.” It’s the perfect way to use up your favorite shrimp and the last of your crisp white wine. Serves about 6.Prep time: 5 – 8 minutesCook time: 20 minutes Ingredients:~12 ounces shrimp, tails removed~8 ounces of pasta […]

Italian Vegetable Soup

Italian vegetable soup I made some delicious soup today- only 1 weight watchers point per serving! Ingredients Instructions

Cream cheese pizza with spinach

Cream cheese pizza with spinach quick dinner for 4 points, for 1 hungry person or for 2 people 2 points each (me) Ingredients Instructions

Air fried Cauliflower Florets

Finally! Air fried Cauliflower Florets They were delicious. I used about a cup of florets and the only points for the entire recipe is just one, for the breadcrumbs. So good!! And they magically disappeared!! Instructions

Easy French Toast Casserole

This Easy French Toast Casserole is a quick and easy breakfast, brunch, or dinner option that can be cooked right away or assembled ahead of time and cooked the next morning-perfect for the Holiday season!  Author: thepounddropper PREP TIME10 minutes COOK TIME45 minutes ADDITIONAL TIME10 minutes TOTAL TIME1 hour 5 minutes Ingredients Instructions Makes 6 (1/6th of […]

Chicken à la king

6Points Total Time 40 min Prep 25 min Cook 15 min Serves 4 Think of this as the quick-cooking sister to chicken pot pie. You get all the creamy chicken-gravy goodness, but you get to skip the time it takes to make the topping, whether you go with a biscuit or a pie crust topping. […]

Lowcountry crab cakes

0 Points® Total Time: 35 minPrep: 25 minCook: 10 minServes: 4 Blue crabs are abundant among the Lowcountry’s saltwater rivers and marshes. If you can, use fresh sweet crab sold in plastic containers (not canned) for the best flavor. The best crab cakes are made with lots of crab and just enough egg and breadcrumbs […]


Ingredients: 16 oz. crab meat (preferably grated)1/2 cup celery, diced into small cubes3 tbsp. red onion, diced into very small cubes1/2 tsp. Old Bay Seasoning2 tsp. fresh lemon juice1/2 cup light or reduced-fat mayonnaise1 1/2 tbsp. fresh dill, chopped (or 1/2 teaspoon dried dill)Salt and pepper, to tasteInstructions: In a large bowl, place the crab […]