1) 6 eggs

2) herbs (I use dill)

3) 3 of the chicken sausage links chopped up

4) bagel thins

5) (optional) fat free cheese sprinkle


1) heat oven to 350°

2) mix up the egg and herbs in a bowl (next time I’ll toss in spinach and veggies)

3) a quick shot of cooking spray in each hollow

4) pour egg mixture in the pan

5) chop up sausages

6) drop pieces (1/2 sausage per egg) into the egg

7) bake for 20-25 minutes until eggs are set

I added on a sprinkle of fat free cheese for 0 points

Serve on a toasted bagel skinny (3 points) for a yummy bagel sandwich!

The remaning cooked eggs can be refrigerated and heated up in a few seconds in the microwave!

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