homemade spaghetti sauce

homemade spaghetti sauce

When I cook from scratch like this I don’t exactly measure. But I’ll do my best for y’all (just keep in mind I made enough to can)

– Tons of tomatoes (variety gives the best flavor in my opinion )

– a whole container of fresh mushrooms

– 4 large green bell peppers

– tons of fresh garlic

– a whole bag of shredded carrots

– 3 large white onions

– I also used less then a can of organic tomatoes paste just to help thicken it up a bit. ( Which is less then 1 point for the whole batch)

– I let the pot simmer all day long, while mashing and allowing it to thicken on it’s own.

– it did add very little salt for canning purposes, roughly about 4 Tbsp for the whole batch

– ground pepper
– Italian seasonings
– garlic powder
– bay leaf
– rosemary
– thyme
– Parsley
– oregano

That’s it, nothing else went into it.

In fact I used it tonight with my chicken Parmesan, it was so hearty, and robust in flavor.

Using fresh ingredients is always the bast way to go.

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