Weight watchers low point no bake cheesecake

Weight watchers low point no bake cheesecake

“Wanted to share this no bake cheesecake 3sp on 


It’s so good. I made six little no bake cheesecakes. I use fat free whip cream on top when ready to eat. Even my hubby loved it. I made these when I was doing ww before freestyle. My mom-in-law loved them too.”

Ingredients and Directions:

Basically 1 tablespoon of Graham crackers crumbs in each dessert dish. Mix the whole container 32oz plain nonfat yogurt and small box of cheesecake pudding mix together, evenly distribute into the dessert dishes, top with 2 tlbs of strawberry sf topping.

Notes: If you can’t find the smuckers you can always take strawberries and mash them and add your choice of sweetener to it!

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