Tasty Tortilla Soup

Tasty Tortilla Soup Tasty Tortilla Soup Each serving is just one weight watchers point! recipe makes two servings Ingredients Instructions

addictive cabbage salad

If anyone is looking for a delicious snacky, I love addictive cabbage salad! Ingredients Recipe Notes It’s 2 points total and I’m telling you, addictive☺️ and filling!


6 pts for the entire pizza!1 Joseph’s lavish bread 2 pts1 cup Kraft shredded fat free mozzarella cheese 3 pts (I could have used less)12 slices of turkey pepperoni 1 pt1/3 cup homemade marinara 0.*** I did rinse the cheese and it really melted nice. I normally only use reduced fat but I wanted to […]

chocolate ice cream

Ingredients Instructions Off heat, coat grill rack or grill pan with nonstick spray. Preheat gas grill or grill pan to medium-high, or prepare medium-high fire in charcoal grill.Cut each banana in half crosswise, then halve each piece lengthwise. Arrange bananas, cut-side up, on baking sheet or plate and coat bananas with nonstick spray. In small […]

Three Ingredient chocolate chip bites

Three Ingredient chocolate chip bites These banana chocolate chip bites are so good and only 3 ingredients! These banana chocolate chip bites are so good and only 3 ingredients! The recipe maker says it is 0 weight watchers point for one bite and 1 weight watchers point for two bites! Ingredients Instructions

Protein sugar cookies.

YALL! I am struggling to not eat all of these!! Protein sugar cookies. 52 cal/ 0 fat/ 6g carbs/7g protein per cookiE had to share with my people. 10/10 RECIPE MAKES 6 COOKIES . Ingredients Instructions

Air Fried Hand Held Cherry Pies

Handheld cherry pies. These are scrumptious hand held divine pies! Just three ingredients and three weight watchers points each! Ingredients1 can no sugar added cherry pie filling,11 egg roll wrappers. Put 3 ounces oh the cherry pie filling into each egg roll wrapper.Warp up and spray with olive oil cooking spray 400° in the air […]

Sweet Apple Nachos

Omg you guys….2 point Sweet Apple nachos…. This is the perfect sweet treat and only two weight watchers points! Instructions

Delicata Squash Fries

These are zero weight watchers points Squash Season! wanted French Fries so bad…..soo I made some Delicata Squash!! Ingredients Instructions