The Best pie

The Best pie


• ⁠1 1/2 cups mozzarella shredded
• ⁠1 1/4 cups almond flour
• ⁠4 oz cream cheese
• ⁠1 egg
• ⁠1 tsp baking powder
• ⁠seasonings of choice (i do a little salt, pepper, and italian seasoning, and maybe garlic powder)


1. ⁠Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.

2. ⁠Put mozzarella and cream cheese in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for one minute. Stir well and then return to microwave for another minute. Stir well to combine.

3. ⁠Add egg to bowl and mix until egg is well incorporated. Add in almond flour and baking powder, and mix. The dough should be starting to form now. If it’s too sticky to work with, you can add some more almond flour.

4. ⁠Take the dough and cut into four pieces, forming balls to make hamburger bun shapes. Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.

5. ⁠Cook at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes until nicely browned.

6. ⁠Once done, slice in half. You can toast them if desired. Fill with your favorite hamburger or sandwich toppings.

Recipe Notes

If you’re having trouble working with the dough, add more almond flour or try putting the dough in the freezer. It can also help to work with the dough in plastic wrap.

4 servings;
8 buns
214 calories per individual bun
3.4 net carbs per individual bun

if dough is made into pizza, half a pizza is
856 calories
13.6 net carbs

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