Layered Three Cheese Garden Eggplant and Tomato casserole


Our bounty of tomatoes has been wonderful this summer…We are still picking tomatoes and they’re are so many, still ripening on the vine.

This week, we found one eggplant, hidden under some garden foliage…Such a nice surprise!

I immediately knew what I wanted to make with some of the tomatoes and the eggplant.

(A layered casserole that I’ve made in the past using tomatoes and either eggplant…OR zucchini)

Ingredients you need:

I peeled the eggplant in stripes…sliced the tomatoes…got out the cheeses…(ricotta, grated parm and mozzarella)…for out a medium sized stoneware pan…some seasoning (garlic powder. black pepper and basil)


I didn’t salt the tomato or eggplant to remove the water…

There’s no tomato sauce in this casserole…so the water released from the tomatoes and eggplant while baking are useful in loosening up the cheeses and making them a bit creamy/

I didn’t season with salt…because the grated parmesan is salty enough for us.

I started the layering by placing tomato slices on the bottom of the pan..

Then ricotta…grated parm… pepper and a tiny bit of garlic power…

Then… eggplant slices …

More layering of the cheeses etc…and then the top layer was a round circular layer of tomato and eggplant slices overlapping…topped with some ricotta, grated parm and mozzarella…

Finally…into the oven (350..1 hour 10 minutes.)

Add a salad and a nice piece of crusty Italian bread…and this 3 cheese layered eggplant tomato casserole makes a great little dinner!

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