After trying numerous Slimming World dessert recipes floating around the internet, I’ve generally stayed away from them because there’s not much that can beat the real deal.

EACH CUPCAKE:  1.125 syns per mini cupcake, rounded to 1 syn each.

Also, the other factor is that I’m more of a savory gal.  Given cake or crisps, then most of the time I’d eat the latter.

But, when I do devour cake or pudding (usually after a very large meal after a long day), not all sweeteners can fix a craving.  Plus, I think a little bit of what you fancy sometimes does us some good.  If we try to be so strict on ourselves all the time, it can lead to binging or an accidental “cheat day”.

For me, the answer is a little bit of what I fancy, but in controlled portions.  It can be very difficult to bake something, not knowing the syns, so I wanted to take the guess work out it it, so it’s easy for me in the future as well as you.

So, say hello to my new creation:  1 syn Slimming World friendly mini strawberry pink Victoria sponge cupcakes.

They are irresistible!  Albeit, it’s quite tricky to just eat one, but that’s got to be a good sign, surely?  But if you’ve got some guests visiting, or having an indulging night in with friends, these are perfect to dish out.


Also, to help raise funds and awareness for Against Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness month, I’ve teamed up with Dishmatic to share my new recipe with a pink twist.

To celebrate their second year of partnership, Dishmatic have also launched a pretty pink special edition washing up tool, which is very nice to have and can be bought in most supermarkets throughout the month of October, 2018.

But not only that, they’ll also be donating £10,000 for the cause.


I’m also proud to be part of their charity campaign this year as I’d like to share my own experience which I’ve never talked about publicly on the internet anywhere.  But more recently, it happened during the crazy heatwave we had this Summer.

But firstly, I’ll take you back to maybe about 8 years ago which was my very first encounter.  And what happened was, my fiance said I was lumpy and suggested I get checked out.  It never felt serious at the time as I was in my 20s.  They just felt normal to me.

Also, I had no one else to compare it to other than chatting to my Mum.  (It’s not like we all go around comparing each others, is it?)

But when I visited an out of hours clinic, things felt very different the moment the nurse assessed them and said “ooh, they are quite lumpy, aren’t they?”.  Are they?! I thought.

I was instantly referred to the hospital for a biopsy, which to be honest, didn’t seem at all bad as I had a local anesthetic and remember no pain at all.

Thankfully in my case, the results came back benign and was diagnosed with a common condition called Fibroadenoma and no need to worry.  I’d also read it’s common in teenagers, but I’m no doctor.

But returning back to the extreme heatwave we’ve had this Summer, I started to panic this time because the lump(s) which I assumed were still the same thing, got so big that I could actually see it protruding through my skin.

So I went to the doctors again and repeated the process and found two.  Although they never had anything on file from my previous visit in  a different county.  This time, the anesthetic was slightly painful and then, painlessly, two lumps were checked and measured for future reference.  Again, the results came back as Fibroadenoma.

But, due to them changing, I was offered the chance to have them removed, but knew others who have had them taken out (thank heavens for internet forum groups) informed me they can grow back.  So I decided to leave them be.  Plus, the nurse said there’s zero chance of it turning cancerous.

Now, I know I don’t often talk about personal things on here.  Well, not boobie related anyway as I also have a majority male audience over at my Carpenter’s Daughter blog.  But when it come to something as important as the possibility of breast cancer, then I feel not talking about it wouldn’t be right.  Particularly if I might be able to save someone’s life.

I’d never heard of Fibroadenoma, so when I was asked to create a pink themed cupcake to help raise awareness for Against Breast Cancer, I didn’t hesitate after my experience.

They don’t receive any government funding and solely rely on individuals and corporate supporters to fund vital research to help early detection, reduce risks and new treatments.


So to help continue raising awareness next month, my mini cupcakes can be made in pink or blonde with an optional pink cream filling, topped with no added sugar strawberry jam.

You will need a mini cupcake baking tray and some mini cupcake cases to ensure they’re 1 syn each.  From experience though, I would personally buy some mini silicone cases instead of paper ones above.

I used paper because I took mine to my Slimming World meeting taster session last month and needed to dash due to work.  However, I love how my regular sized ones which wash up a treat and you don’t lose vital cake crumbs to the case!  If you’re counting syns in cupcake form, every crumb matters(!)


I tested a lot of sweeteners and flour ratios to get this how I wanted without breaking the syn bank and these three key ingredients above blew my socks off.  Firstly, coconut flour works amazingly well as it requires more liquids than regular plain flour, so you don’t need as much, and it tastes so lovely!  It also doesn’t taste too much of coconut as my fiance isn’t a fan and loved these!

It also means it absorbs liquids better, so anything with flavour, such as a sweet lemon in this case gives it a true likeness for a really moist cake.  Then I found this Whole Earth natural stevia leaf sweetener which has 0 calories, making it syn free and doesn’t give a bitter after taste when you bake with it.

And finally, this STUTE no sugar added jam. which tastes surprisingly lovely and cannot tell there’s less sugar at all.  I wouldn’t have known these were healthy and all of which I was able to find in my smaller Tesco supermarket, so you shouldn’t have to pay more to get them online or look very far.


If you’ve made ahead of a day or party, then these are perfect left in the fridge for up to a week in an air tight container or storage tub.  However, quark loses its charm while exposed in the fridge and creates a cracking effect.

So personally, if wanting to eat them on a different day, I like to only add the quark and jam last minute on the day of eating.  And the same goes if you freeze them.

For freezers, again, make sure you store in a freezer safe tupperware container for up to a month and leave to defrost in the fridge before consuming.



  • 1/2 tsp baking powder = 0.5 syns
  • 33g groovy food company organic coconut flour =  6 syns
  • 38g flora light = 5 syns
  • 24g STUTE No added sugar = 2 syns

TOTAL SYNS: 13.5 for 12 cupcakes
EACH CUPCAKE:  1.125 syns per mini cupcake, rounded to 1 syn each.

Note, I am in no way officially associated with Slimming World, nor have had any training.  I am a Slimming World paying member who loves good food and creating my own favourite recipes to share.

At the time of publication, the syn information were accurate using their Food search and syns calculator.  However, if in doubt, always ask your consultant, or call the Slimming World Syns Hotline: 09068 518 518.  Syn information can sometimes change to ensure they protect your weight loss.

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