Weight Watchers 0 Point Chocolate Cream

Weight Watchers 0 Point Chocolate Cream

 have just discovered an absolutely magical ingredient: silken tofu… a food rich in vegetable proteins and without fat (0 WW points), which advantageously replaces eggs, butter or cream! Not absolutely a fan of tofu at first, I was amazed by this very simple little recipe… which appeals to many others: I have just bought myself a book which should allow me to use silken tofu in creams, quiches, sauces… and ice cream!! If it keeps its promises, it’s a real little dietary bomb that opens wide the doors of gluttony!!List of ingredients (for 2 large gourmet bowls or 4 small ramekins!):

  • 400 g silken tofu (on sale in all organic stores and some supermarkets)
  •  Cankao (not easy to find but which you can replace with cocoa and liquid or powdered sweetener)… but for those who are not particularly careful with their figure, sugar, honey, syrup of agave

Step by step :

You pour the box of Silken Tofu with 3 tbsp (or more, or less according to your taste) of Cankao in your blender and mix until you obtain the desired consistency!

And that is all ! Very simple! 

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